facing the Ego

Yesterday I saw a middle-aged man while waiting at the bus stop do a dance in the middle of the road. At first I found it very funny and everyone got a good laugh out of it; I however learned a much deeper lesson from this man: we have a much more higher notion of ourselves than we really are. We all have at some think of ourselves as being more important than the other person, or having more of what the other person doesn’t have or perhaps that we are more special; we all have those egos on the way of we liberating ourselves.

I wouldn’t do a dance in the middle of the street, foremost I would wonder what people would think of me and my status. More seriously, lately I’m learning to let go of egoism that gets in the way of learning from every and any persons.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking one know more, or knows best, or into the trap of thinking that that person has nothing to say–it’s tough getting to that mindset of knowing that I am not special and shouldn’t act as such.

Someday I would develop enough courage to face and let my egos down and be real. Someday I might even do a public dance and show the world I am human and very vulnerable.

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