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On Love and relationship

Every living human craves for attention and importance.Some often find this in Love, relationships or the combination of both. It’s hard to define “true love” this days without making it sound synonymous with “lust.” For most, Sex = Love; for those willing to be truthful they know, Sex = Lust. Since life has being sucked out of Love, let’s return to the basics; true love is one of compassion, respect, kindness, patience, then of which a relationship is built that is unselfish and yielding, understanding and capable of withstanding the test of time. Not many can boast of being able to hold up all this quality to then have a real relationship, that’s why, a real relationship is one built over time –  otherwise, let’s just call that Lust. On Family It’s hard to understand which we refer to as a family – one man, one woman and kid(s) or … No! I would prefer to stick to that as my basis for a real family. Every child who would want to reach his/her full potential of childhood to adulthood needs a complete set of these, not double of one, or a single one – both. Pitifully, the family is dead or dying? Most times, it’s not one’s fault that the family is breaking up but this is not good enough reason to repeat the process. Let’s break the chain of divorce, follow after true love over mere infatuation, take time to make decisions, think about the future of our offspring and live a whole life.

On being a Genius

These days,ingenuity seems synonymous to getting top grades in school. The school system emphasizes independent work and most times de-cry cooperation. I’m not sure today if the standard for measuring geniuses is by IQ (Intelligence Quotient) or by bank accounts but one thing I’m sure of is: anyone that has the power to use his/her brain to creatively imagine innovation, one that’s ready to take his/her mental alertness to the next level. Disregarding the norm and societal acceptance, I’d crown a genius.

On Materialism

Day in day out, in this American culture, we are continuously bombarded with information – TV, Radio, Internet, or cell-phones. From all this information overload, one message is central  – ‘ You’re inferior to what “WE” expect you to be, with this, that or that, it can get you to be that “PERSON”.’ So, with diligence, we program  our mind that we are never good enough, we seek to be better than our neighbors, have more possession than they, look far more better and ultimately, raise our ego. You can, if you wish, drive the biggest car, have the best of the best this world can afford – it never brings this satisfaction that we so earnestly crave for. If it in fact does, the wealthiest people would be the most satisfied, but how ironic, never the case. The greatest satisfaction we can get is hence, from within, not from without. Being content with the little we have, appreciation for the people around us, share and care for those who are not as privileged – for this – money can never buy.

On Religion

Without doubt, religion has been the most unifying confused misconception of all time. Irrespective of who, what or whom you believe in, it’s still an abstraction. The same abstraction that exist when we mention “it.” It doesn’t exist, but the knowledge (or supposed knowledge) of it gives of a sense of satisfaction. Maybe it is time we return to our inner self and look for that peace within and take that – without.

On Schooling

It’s accepted that a mind that stops to learn is a dead mind. Giving that a new twist; a mind that learns for the wrong reasons, isn’t dead yet, but a faint mind. Since our schooling system has forced us to only want to learn to get some “grades,” pushing young minds to the believe that learning is a battle that MOST be won. I await that time when, youngster would love to learn, not for grades or gratification(s) but for the genuine acquisition of knowledge, a time when you wouldn’t look forward to graduation as the time an end has come to learning. That time when every mind would be awake and every mind a creative one. On the Rat-Race Get Born > Grow Up > Go to School > Get a Job > Get Married > Have a Family > Grow Up some More > Die >> Get Born > Grow Up …. ad infinitum. Some would prefer this regular predictable walk through life. Fortunately, one doesn’t necessarily have to come this this world without making a difference or two. Billions of humans have existed and billions more would still exist, but some names continually exist even long after they are gone… What difference would you make on this our little world that would let you in that elite few?

On Conclusion

Why must there be one? Make your mark in life – don’t be conventional, then we can have a noble conclusion.

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