Dear Africa, For Africans

As I mentioned in a speech I gave recently, the problem with Africa (Nigeria, in the case of that speech) is not Africa, but, as one might not assume, Africans in the diaspora [1. From my understanding, it means African descendants currently living outside of Africa] — are quick not to believe we are the problem.

To make true progress, we need to re-align our thinking; shed off the brainwashing that many years of oppression have made us accept as the norm.

This poem, sheds some light:

How long shall be a pitying?
What’s with the pitying of our Motherland
What’s with the pitying of Africa

it is the people who build  a great Nation
In ages we have ruled the world
We have a lost desire to rule the world
We have lost our way
And we long to have turned around
But all we do is keep on going wrong

How many more years of sorrow to come
How many more years of hate
How many more wars will we fight
Dear Africa
I’m worried for you

I’m worried I’ve lost the root of my self
I’m worried I’ve taken to foreign beliefs

Come and tell me what we are going to do
Tell me where we are going,
For love? For Hope?

Show me how we are going to live without justice
How are we going to live together

You have children scatter all around the world in lost identities
Building those economies in a brain drain
Our Land of beauty has become a dessert
We shift the blame off and away
How much blood are we going to shed?
How many more kids will die?
Dear Africa tell me what we’re going to do
Where will I find my lost places?

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  1. Dear Africa tell me when we will realize this is not our world anymore,

    we have lost our motherland for years

    We have more death children and lost people

    Why are we still hungry?

    There is enough blood for us in the world, isnt there?

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