I wrote this a while ago and it’s hitting home even harder lately with the new trend of “being black”. I watched the Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and saw models coloring themselves black, some for fashion’s sake or something else I couldn’t quite figure.

Oftentimes, I think:

Is history black?
Is purity colors?
They left the truth untold.

it’s damage,
as a reality does unfold.
For this,
it makes the founder look like the lost.

Some stories,
kept a secret.

History to stories,
stories into history.

For some reason the tale of mankind is hidden;
the chain connecting men broken.

Their Major agenda.

How shameful!

Credit their math and science skills,
the use of medicine and the use of speech,
ways of worship,

For us they have turned and said:
“Inferior, Good for nothing, No history.”

They know we did it;
Why they did it,
but we can still Co-Exist.

We all are same.

Would I really stand that they stole a mind?
And corrupt minds with hate?

Maybe I will.

Maye I will inhibit the hate
Maybe I will retreat not to those wronged past
Maybe I will.

Give the black back it’s pride
A race that can bring together our difference

Let us,
as one make a return to the future,
a future I foresee,
as one,
we can co-exist.

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