bottled Messages

I was resting at the a bus station in Boston when I came across a bottle that had the tag “Read Me”, at first I was paranoid and wondering if someone was up to some prank, luckily, curiosity prevailed–I read the message.

The message was supposed to randomly cheer whoever who reads it up. Mine said: “Forget about him, you don’t need him” (supposedly the writer was hoping a girl who is probably clinging to a no-good guy). While the message wasn’t necessarily for me I loved the brilliant idea and the source was: which appears to not be actively involved in the project as slowed and I want continue or contribute wherever the author stopped.

Our mission is to give the experience of removing the instantaneous conversation we have become so reliant on in our society, and reverting to the slow messaging and mysterious conversation that is lost with modern communication. Despite asking for replies via the internet, the messages are sent out anonymously with no knowledge of who will find them or where they will end up.

Yes, a philosophy I definitely want to push–so maybe you should start watching for bottles around and more importantly, connect with people.

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