Beauty & Ignorance

Recently my colleague was wondering out loud with me on the case of the Head of Security at a top internet bank who was interviewed and noted that we doesn’t do electronic banking because he doesn’t trust the system–he thinks it is too unsafe.

My colleague then wondered, if the head of security in a bank doesn’t trust their own security well enough to use it, why should he, why should millions of people trust the system enough to transact online (him justifying a previous discussion we’ve had about him not banking online) and it struck me as such:

Ignorance is bliss because the acquisition of knowledge might provoke a ‘knowing’ paranoia. Allow me explain: the head of security knows too much about the system and developed his paranoia.

Taking it a bit deeper, knowledge is infinite and most times, knowing often hinders exploration or just mere cages one in a box. I often think of being in that ‘state-of-a-child’–where there is careless exploration and curiosity without prejudice. Diverging from ignorance is what makes growing up painful, and it gets even more painful as one acquire more knowledge and maybe to its extreme some soon figure that the more they know, the more they don’t know and get literally insane. Of course, all that’s needed is a middle ground.

Note: I’m not advocating ignorance: that would only kill the knowing self. I’m however advocating shifting out of obsessive knowing into embracing those areas of which we are ignorant; in those, we could find bliss.

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