About Me

I am a serial entrepreneur and software engineer with a passion for breathing life into big ideas. I’m the founder of Geleyi.com, an African-inspired clothing store, and the founder of Dundun, a charity that educates African youth in coding and music (most profits from Geleyi goes to Dundun).

I have a strong drive and enthusiasm in helping others achieve their full potential, and, I take much of my inspiration from elements deeply rooted in African culture. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria (and immigrated to the U.S. in my teens), and my ties to Africa have remained a key driving force in my start-up endeavors, and I remain committed to bringing embrace to the beauty originating from the African continent.

When not working on that next big idea, you’ll likely find me playing guitar, bass, or percussion instruments. I share my thoughts, and idea here.

I hold a  degrees in computer science and economics from the University of Massachusetts.

I’m currently reside in Boston, MA, with my mind in Lagos, Nigeria.