A Non-secretive World of Wealth

There’s an ironic thing about being educated–we’re supposed to be enlightened to lead a better life. Ultimately, some would argue that the point of educating is so they can have enough financial freedom to pursue their dreams, make more money and lead a happy life.

At least, that’s the story I’m made to believe. But when I think about it, schooling doesn’t really teach you to make money, not to mention hold on to it. Actually, school encourages you not to get that financial independence that many wanted when they got into school in the first place–see the irony. One of the things that 90% of American students learn absolutely well is how to remain in debt, to owe one bank or the other–we go to school, barely learn anything [1. Remember my post about not really learning anything in college?], then we graduate and start paying back to those banks that have invested in us, at this point, financial freedom is only a dream.

After graduating, well 6 months after graduating, after opening that first letter to start paying back my loans; I was awoken to the reality of the American Student and Bondage.

Practical money management is a course that every college student should be required to take ( just like those writing and maths classes), so at least after graduating, if I can differentiate, the least I would have learned would be not to buy a new car that depreciates faster than taking a class in ancient philosophy.

I’m starting my slow road to recovery. Recovery from the illusion of wealth–of its secrets. I’m personally tired of hearing stories of successful, rich and beautiful people. I’m starting to realize the schemes, if I’m being lied to, I probably shouldn’t be lying to myself too. College teaches us to lie to ourselves.

Well, some like that circle of going from one loan to the other–I’m often puzzle how college educated (smart?) people think they can achieve any financial independence when they live looking forward to the next pay-check.

No. I’m not looking for wealth secrets, there are no secrets, we all know it… ok, this was just a prep, I will be continuing on my pragmatic steps that I’m working towards in building my own secrets…