When you’re ready to get serious with writing you will do two things:

  1. You will sit by your computer
  2. Close Microsoft Word (or other variants) and focus on `writing, writing words — just you and those words.

This guide will walk you through setting up a lethal combination for distraction free writing: Evernote and Sublime Text.

I’m sure you know Evernote, that magical tool that helps you quickly capture thoughts. And then there is that other magical tool that let’s you write fluidly with plenty room for customization, Sublime Text.

What about all those other tools promising the same? I’ve tried a few. WriteMonkey, Q10, Write!, iAWriter, Byword, please move over we’re about to get serious.

Even better, compared to all those tools, Evernote and Sublime are free (to an extent).

Getting Up and Running with Sublime Text

1. Go to https://www.sublimetext.com/3 and download and install for your operating system the one for your operating system (there’s for Windows, Mac and Linux

Regardless of your operating system, every of the following steps will be the same.

2. Open up Sublime text and let’s install stuff to make it better.

  1. Go to Sublime Text Package Control (this makes installing installing sublime packages super easy. And follow the instructions there.It generally like these:
    Note:After pasting that code, I pressed enter on my keyboard
  2. After that’s installed. Let’s verify you have it set up properly. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + Shift + P on (Windows) or Command + Shift + P on Mac, then in the box that shows up. type “Install”.You should see this:Don’t worry if you Sublime doesn’t look like mine yet, we’ll get there
  3. Now let’s install all the package that make writing awesome.Press Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows) or Command + Shift + P (Mac) then type the name of the package.Let’s do the first package, _Origami_ together (this allows us to split the view in sublime)Here’s how we do itInstall OrigamiNow repeat for these packages

    When you have all that done, we’re now ready to configure it all. We’re almost done, hang with me there.

    • [Optional] Install Adobe Source Code ProThis is an optional step, but trust me, this font will change you writing life. It’s just so, so easy on the eye.a. Download the font hereb. Unzip the file and just double click it — depending on your operating system, it will open with the proper tool, and you’re done.On Windows, opening one of the font will bring this up, and I will just _install_
    • Let’s start with Sublime configurations.Here’s my sublime text configuration, copy that and go to your preferences (on Mac, thats “Ctrl + ,”) then paste it, and Viola!On windows, it looks something like this:If you live, you can change any of these settings to your heart desire — if you mess it up, just delete it all and start again.Well done, now let’s move on to Evernote.


    Getting Up and Running with Evernote

    1. Sign up for an Evernote account, follow all the instructions and verify you can login to the account.

    Now you have a Evernote account, great!

    1. Go to sublime, open the package controller (that’s, Ctrl + Shift + P on (Windows) or Command + Shift + P) and type Evernote settings Auth,

    Click the only option, it takes you to Evernote, sign and create your token.

    Paste it back in Sublime.

    That’s it.

    Your Work-flow: Let’s put it all together

    Writing from sublime text and saving back to Evernote.

    And it looks like this in Evernote:

    Things to notice _if you missed it_ – When I’m searching to do stuff in Evernote, I use short-cuts (I didn’t have to write the full thing) – It pulls my notebooks, and tags from Evenote

    Side note, I use sublime as my Evernote app, I find it more efficient.

    Writing in pure markdown

    That’s it folks, now go write and enjoy the awesomeness of Sublime Text! Let me know how it goes for you.

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