thinking Mom

I always envy those who have their mom around them, I never did. My parents got divorced when I was eight and have been living with my dad ever since.

Until recently, I lost touch with my mother for thirteen years, sigh, it’s been long — those years. On one mother’s day, everyone was there thanking and celebrating their mother, this came on my mind:

Before I was me, you made me.
Before I learned to live,
before I learned to breath, before I existed,
You made me.

In times I tried to walk, those constant falling and rising,
the growing up from milk to solids,
from running to making first friends,
You made me.

Through the times I thought I’m grown up,
to the chasing after my satisfactions,
to those times I feel strong and weak,
You made me.

For this time I have come to love you,
even more of the times I will remain grateful:
For my existence, the life, the breath, the love, the understanding.
Before I was me, you made me.

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